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Hey! Sooooo....Might as well start.


Night Raven Illustrators create art that we like, for people that we like, who like the kind of art that we like.

Somebody we saw, somewhere said, something about having a vision statement. So we thought long and hard and finally came up with this gem.



We're readers who illustrate.  If we like your book and if we like you and the planets and stars align just right; you and we can become one.  That got weird.  I mean we will have a contract, and personal space will be maintained, but we might let you sit by us.  We're cool like that.


NRI envisions a world where the realistic artist and the abstract artist can just get along.  Just kidding we can't stand those pretentious shits!  Half the time we don't like many of the realist artists either.  I swear if we see one more lady with a shawl and a straw hat in a white dress we are going to stick pointy things in people's orifices. I mean come on… 

We envision our creations in homes and at people's work through different mediums and media outlets; because, we have ADHD, and we don't like to be tied down to one… (Hey! That cloud looks like... Oh wait its gone.)  We envision our books, posters, paraphernalia, classes, and workshops available for all of our customers, friends, and enemies. We are equal opportunity offenders. 

We envision an outlet for professional artists to discuss their painting process and discuss other artist artwork- so we can cattily talk about them.  Let's be honest, artist are great big gossips. 


We envision a place where critical thinking can be viewed, and the process can be watched, and learning can happen.  Whether it actually does is not our fault you just didn't listen properly.  For god sakes take some responsibility for your life. 


Somebody else said something about having a mission statement and we said "Oh come on!" Fine here it is.


NRI'S Mission is to produce well-designed illustrations (BY LYING, CHEATING, AND STEALING). 

  • LYING: If our art is going to be deemed good we will have thoroughly and convincingly lied to the viewer and they will be happy about it.  We will tell them that a flat paint stroke is really a beautiful women's lips and that 2D shape is actually turning the form.  In doing this the audience will be awed and amazed.  And we will become enriched and revered as gods or thrown in jail. Where we will still be revered as gods.

  • CHEATING:  We will apply all the principles of good painting and drawing.  And when we can, and when we want to and need to, we will break those same rules.  For we know that only by mastering those rules can you successfully break them.  And we just like sticking it to the man.  We never met "the man" and he might be a really swell guy but he is going to get poked regardless.   

  • STEALING: We will steal other people's hard-earned ideas.  We will analyze and study their theories, principles, and paintings and we will apply that knowledge in our own work and villainously laugh when it works.  If it doesn't work it's their fault.


In conclusion, if any of this offended you, or you were dismayed, or taken aback, we probably won't work well together.  A good thing to find out early on don't ya think. You are WELCOME! Don't say we didn't do anything for you. If you made it through without needing your smelling salts click on the contact page and email us.  Let's see what sheenanigans we can get up to. 


-NRI Illustrators' core values consist of lying, cheating, and stealing.  These values will promote well-designed illustrations.  Our work will enhance and help promote the creative person's ideas and goals.   We are persnickety about the stories we illustrate.  We are readers who just happen to be artists.  We read all our author's stories so we must enjoy their work.


-You wouldn't believe it but we do have a  'CODE OF ETHICS'. These are: Promoting good design principles with quantity and quality of work that is masterful and creative and to enhance the human figure. We are primarily figurative artists. We like the human body. We think it's beautiful. We acknowledge that it might not be appropriate in all settings, but we are not saying that it is inappropriate, wrong, or indecent. 


-Our job is to get that reader to pick up your book. We aren't here to sell your book, you do that by writing an awesome synopsis on the back. We are here to tempt the reader to stop scrolling and flip the book over to read your brilliant synopsis.

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