-NRI Illustrators' core values consist of lying, cheating, and stealing.  These values will promote well-designed illustrations.  Our work will enhance and help promote the creative person's ideas and goals.   We are persnickety about the stories we illustrate.  We are readers who just happen to be artists.  We read all our author's stories so we must enjoy their work.


-You wouldn't believe it but we do have a  'CODE OF ETHICS'. These are: Promoting good design principles with quantity and quality of work that is masterful and creative and to enhance the human figure. We are primarily figurative artists. We like the human body. We think it's beautiful. We acknowledge that it might not be appropriate in all settings, but we are not saying that it is inappropriate, wrong, or indecent. 


-Our job is to get that reader to pick up your book. We aren't here to sell your book, you do that by writing an awesome synopsis on the back. We are here to tempt the reader to stop scrolling and flip the book over to read your brilliant synopsis.

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