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We have always dreaded reading, watching, or hearing interviews about our favorite musicians, actors, writers, artists, etc. because so often the person isn’t what we envisioned them to be. More often than not by word or deed they never seem to approach the beauty that they are able to create in their art. From then on, even though the art is still appreciated, there is always a niggling feeling in the back of our heads that somehow the whole thing is now marred.  We are always confused why anyone would want the low down on us.  We spend ten hours or more a day bent over a drawing board mumbling to ourselves.  We are not good conversationalists, our thoughts wander when you directly ask us questions, and we routinely forget important dates.  If you do wade into a discussion with us it will eventually turn to art even if you were speaking about politics, love, or if the milk has gone bad.


So let's not waste too much of your time. We apprenticed under a master painter and illustrator who would shake his head because; what he considered simple concepts would elude us, and then he would gasp in astonishment when we finally got it right for once.  He was kinda a drama queen if you want our opinion. We have been very blessed with the people in our lives but still complain about them when their backs are turned.   We generalize pretty much everything; if we get the right decade when we are talking about history, or birthdates, or what we ate for lunch the other day, we consider it a win.  We find those tyrants in our lives, wanting to be exact on everything, in need of a proper perspective, and possibly dumped in the middle of the Gobi desert so they understand the difference between necessity and want and why remembering trash day is just not that important.  Of course, we are horrible elitists if you get one tiny art concept wrong. We will roll our eyes and be disdainful and shun you so that we can feel better about ourselves.

We like what we like, and don’t like what we don’t like, and no amount of opaque discussion or lecture will convince us that what we consider ugly or poorly done, is pretty or well-executed.  But we do think if you like it then good for you!  Have at it and enjoy.  Not everyone has to like the same things and the world would be really boring if we all did enjoy the same stuff.  Of course, if you don’t like what we like then you are ignorant and should be flogged… for your own good...with no offense meant… until you see the error in your ways… and accept that there is a correct way to look at and enjoy art... because we care.

On that note, all this time spent together has made us itchy and we have to get back to art stuff.  We hope you like the artwork presented, but if you didn’t we probably won’t note it or even realize it.  We are in our own little art bubbles most of the time and don’t realize that other people are out there expressing opinions left and right willy-nilly.  If you really feel the need to express your opinion you can email and we will snicker uproariously about your chastisement of us and all the offenses you suffered, over anything we have done or said, then we will congratulate each other on another job well done. But, if you tell us that we are masterful illustrators with talent dripping from every pore, well then, of course, how brilliant of you to realize our phenomenal talent and we might write back, congratulating your insightful and superb knowledge of the art world in general and our extraordinary talent in particular.  



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